Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Resume

Nothing is in Chronological order

- Joined the FF4 Paladin Tournament (Eliminated by TheClaude)

- Joined the FF6 Kefka at Narshe Tournament (Eliminated during Swiss rounds)

- Created the FF6 "Wiki" Website, to gather notes that were spread out everywhere and created new strat videos.

- Showed LCC the Map Warp video from Nico, FF6 changed forever. #FF62017

- Did the Final Fantasy Relay IV and played FF6 Glitchless with Takaze with a time of 5:45. Tinkered puwexil's route to be Marathon safe for the purpose of the relay.

- Zelda 3 NoEG in 33:52 (Learned how to Hover and Clip,

- Played Randomizer and joined the first tournament (Got eliminated on the first rounds). Raced Rando from time to time.

- Cut the Twig in DKC2 with a time of 43:57

- Learned Zelda 1, got a 36:28 in a week (I still don't know how I did that).

- Learned Zelda 2, got a 1:28:21 (Hard to learn for me)

- Learned Final Fantasy Mystic Quest with Muttski during the 12 Hour Challenge (lol)

- Radar Mission "Game B/Normal" Any% (lol)

- Big cleanup of my PB videos and overall layouts on YouTube and Twitch. Very happy with how everything is now.