Monday, February 11, 2019

Pastebin Monday 2019-02-11

Decided to answer all these for fun. This was popular on Twitter like maybe a month ago.

==Why did you start streaming?==

I was a Blogger of Nintendo stuff in French back the day and everyday I had to go through lots of websites to get the news. One of them was One day there was a post talking about a livestream and it was on and I think GoNintendo just basically streamed their Podcast recording there. That was in 2008. When I checked the website deeper, I saw some guys streaming random video games too, and 2 of them was FourPlayerPodcast (They still stream but have lives) and Socomsoldier (Now called "HeroOfGaming" on Twitch). Decided to try it out and my first stream ever was Castlevania: Lament of Innocence with a webcam pointing at the CRT. I also did for a short time Weekly Friday streams with the new WiiWare releases for my blog's purpose.

I also remember (I forgot the name of the stream) of a uStream channel of 2 guys playing video games with a camera pointing at the TV but I only saw them once and it was through a gonintendo post.

==Favorite game to stream.==

Probably ALTTP (The non-randomized version). I can turn off my brain, read chat and speedrun that game no problem and not get bored. It's like a 2nd nature.

==Fondest Memory.==

I don't really have any for streaming tbh... Most of the memories I have are being me as a twitch viewer.

==Variery Streamer?==

I've done it. Streaming New Super Mario Bros. Wii on release day and beating it in 1 stream was the peak I've done for variety. 150 viewers from that stream, and this is 2009 without hosting/raid and all that. Also streamed the 1 vs 100 on Xbox 360 when it was a thing and that was really fun too. Not really interested in variery anymore really, I have trouble playing casual games on my own already D: so sticking with retro stuff. One thing I could do is play old games casually on stream. I've been thinking replaying some old Halo games, but that's like the complete opposite of what my channel is all about that I really doubt it will ever happen.

==Biggest struggle you had in a game?==

Getting sub 130 in ALTTP probably.

==Favorite thing about streaming.==

Chat interaction easily.

==Any advice to give to a new streamer?==

I'm not really qualified to answer really, been on twitch for 10 years and achieved nothing :P (Granted I never tried). But Muttski made a doc last year that can help answer :

==Favorite streamer to watch.==

Lots of them. Over the years I enjoyed a lot of different streamers. I can watch 40k viewer streamers and watch 5 viewer streams as well. I'm a big twitch lurker, the biggest kind.

==Do you clip yourself?==

Only to show something that happened to me for science.

==Longest stream?==

Probably 13ish hours and that was either the ALTTP or the DKC2 12H challenge stream. Don't think I've done longer than that.

==Game that you hated streaming?==

I can't think of any. Everything that I play is because I wanna play it.

==Most frustrating thing about streaming?==

Loosing frames by a mile. That is very frustrating and makes me wanna stop.

==Most popular game?==

Speedrun era, FF6. Pre-Speedrun era : It was all over the place so no answer there.

==Favorite person to stream with?==

Probably Muttski and/or Greff :3

==How many people do you mod for?==

Actually Moding? Maybe 1 or 2.


Not anymore. I am way past the time of having Twitch goals for streaming. Only goals I have are speedrun related, like times.


I am very OCD about my layout and how my stream looks. One day I wanted to stream something and instead I spent the day fixing my layout. Fortunately I am very happy with how it looks now.

==Things you want to change?==

Stream more, but it is impossible.

==Least favorite thing about streaming?==

Nowdays, everything that's related to numbers and money, and how you perform overall and compare with others.

==Dropped any games?==

Not that I think of. When I don't have fun anymore with the game, it happens naturally or when the goal is achieved at that time.

==How many years have you been streaming?==

Joined on Mar 4, 2008 and my first follower on my other account was Mar 21, 2008, so let's go with that.

==How many mods?==

I have 5 right now.

==Channel theme?==

Zelda, Final Fantasy, Donkey. I think I cover 95% of what I wanna do.

==Most viewed clip?==

==Favorite platform to stream?== easily. Only back then you could stream yourself watching a movie with chat interaction (Yes I've done it).


I've done cam once ever, but felt weird. Not really into that.

==Most memorable ban?==

Don't really know tbh... I've banned Bots and that's about it. (Those lurking bots are getting out of controls nowdays -_-)

==Who gave you the most inspiration.==

Everyone that I watched over the years and that I keep watching. I can't name names lol.

==What you want to tell your audience most?==

That I'll probably never go away from Twitch.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Pastebin Monday 2018-07-30

- Got my goal with DKC2 102%. I can maybe save another 2min from my PB, but having played on and off DKC2 since May, I rather play something else right now. I really emjoyed this speedrun, probably more than Any% tbh, and I can see myself returning to 102% in the future. God tier speedrun, but hard AF. Don't learn 102% before Any%, the difficulty is too high imo.

- For my 2018 goals, I have OoT left, so I started working on it already (Got B1 Skip learned...and thats it lol. Also FF4 is basically do a run that finishes and quit forever). Going for N64 (not VC) Glitchless Any%. Not planning going hard on this game, I'd like to just have a time that maybe sub 5 (I dunno how well I will play so I dunno) and have a fun learning experience. FF6 No Sketch will happen as well. The end-game route seems a lot more interesting for me to come back to it for a bit. I know there was no talk about it, but I rather play a route where the cutscene would play at the end, instead of just softlock. Fortunately it seems the direction routes are going right now. Will of course tinker my route as my needs and my playstyle like I always do for FF6. Using Super Balls on Tentacles is obviously a reference to Barkley.

- I kinda have a good idea on what I wanna do in 2019. Something like Wind Waker on GameCube (I'm actually really looking forward to that actually), DKC1 and DKC3 Any% (Will probably do English for sanity purpose), and probably 100% categories of games I already know like Zelda 1, LADX, Mystic Quest (LUL). Also watching Takaze yesterday made me think of learning FFT YesMath. Seems easy enough and its something cool to learn.

- My only regret in speedrunning is not streaming more and stop doing offline attempts. I can't help it it seems...

- I need a meme speedgame.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Pastebin Monday 2018-07-09

I got around getting a Framemeister for my setup, and I gotta say it is pretty awesome. Ordered a new monitor as well that has a very low input display to go with that (Model is BenQ RL2460 in case people are interested). Went for this model simply because it has a HDMI Output that has a pass-through built-in, so I basically just need a cable from my Monitor to the capture card to capture whatever is on, easier to manage and less stuff I have to plug in. I also went back using my USB3HDCAP as well and capturing everything in 1080p. Right now, my CRT is unplugged and not being used, but I will not get rid of it (at least for now). I can totally live with the 1 frame input delay that the Framemeister is outputting anyway. I am still rocking on S-Video for now, but maybe RGB in the future. I still love the simplicity of playing with my console setup with S-Video right now (1 cable to rule them all).

I will not be able to do the 12 Hour Challenge unfortunately, I have work commitments during that weekend so I will have to skip this one unfortunately....BUT that doesn't mean that won't learn a new speedgame. Current game to learn will be OoT Glitchless (Inb4 the N64/OoT hate group comes after me, aka the whole elmagus discord 8) ). The original plan was learning NoIM/WW, but I did try to learn it a couple of days ago, until I realized that OoT glitches wasn't for me. I also enjoy "playing the game" categories anyway, which is what I've been doing for the previous Zelda games. The reason I went for NoIM/WW was to get a short category, but Glitchless is not even that bad. Also I'd like to try that OoT Rando thing at some point.

Still not done with 102%, I've been lazy for the past month regarding that but I could go for another PB or two. Sub 140 is where I could probably SGQF.

Castlevania Bloodlines was awesome and everyone should play it. I've been thinking doing CV1 next Friday since I never beat it.

FF4 FE from time to time.

I watched some GameCube Wind Waker Bug Limit speedrun the other day and I wanna learn that, the hell is wrong with me.

I'm the best Roadhog player on Overwatch don’t @ me.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Pastebin Monday 2018-04-16

- Did some LADX attempts offline during the weekend (Like 2-3 resets and stop, and try again 3-4 hours after). Got a 10439, goal is 103. I am not going for Sub 1h because of my choice of strats is 2mins slower but god so much less frustrating. Maybe in the future but right now it is not the plan.

- My old WoW Guild officer really wants me to raid again in WoW. While it was tempting, I had to decline ( Sorry Kao :P ). Did a Mythic+ with a GM from Quebec this weekend for fun, but decided to stay being a dirty casual for reasons.

- Will probably play Zelda OoT Master Quest before learning NoIM/WW. Never played that version so why not. But learning that will only probably happen after RPGLB.

- RPGLB flight booked.

- The ending of G.O.D was great. Thank you LCC.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Pastebin Monday 2018-03-19


- Finished learning Link's Awakening DX, starting to do runs every now and then. Got a 116 yesterday but the VoD is kinda bad (gamefeed was cut off and some other things as well). One of the things that I need to figure out regarding to stream layout, but that's fine, that PB is easily improvable anyway. More runs on that for sure. 

- ALTTP Tournament started so expect some matches Soon™. This is currently my group : 
TheSabin (PB : 1:28.15)
DRock91384 (PB : 1:29.42)
yelsraek (PB : 1:37.52)
Jetabb (PB : 1:51.39)

- I decided to drop Majora's Mask from my initial plan to learn Zelda games. My original plan was to learn Z1-2-3-LADX-OoT-MM (The first 6 Zeldas), but felt it was too much, So I am sticking to only OoT for N64. If I learn another 3D Zelda, it would be Wind Waker on GCN, but I have no idea if this will ever happen.

- Somehow played Zelda 2 yesterday with all the rust that came with it, and was terrible as expected. But what was funny yesterday is I speedran 4 games on the same day (Mystic Quest, LADX, Zelda 3 (Weekly) and Zelda 2 (MOMAM SRL Race)) and they all finished. That's what I would like to do in the future, is being able to play Zelda 1-2-3-LADX-OoT back to back and beat them. What is cool is none of them are meme categories, but the most popular ones (granted OoT's most popular category is 100% but it doesn't really fit the rest by being too long, so sticking with No IM/WW. Any% is boring). 

Current Speed Plan : 
- DKC2 102% after ALTTP Tournament
- Zelda OoT No IM/WW after I'm happy with LADX
- FF4 when I stop being lazy
- FF6's status is unknown (sorry for the fans)


- I caught myself working the whole Saturday afternoon / night on my stream setup. This is a thing about me, I love working on stuff like that like graphics and overall presentation with Photoshop and etc. Still needs some works but it will do for now.

- I decided to go back to the old setup of GV-USB2 and stop using USB3HDCAP for S-Video game feed, to make the stream and framerate better (I had framerate issues with USB3HDCAP and I never managed to fix it, and blue screens are annoying). Also, while tempting, I could make streaming RGB possible and invest on a PVM or something like that. But I much prefer having my S-video Multi-Out cable work on my NES-SNES-N64-GameCube and being able to just swap cable easily. I rather not go too deep into that stuff because I know I won't get out of it.

- Ordered 4 Input Displays (NES, SNES, N64 and GameCube) from Pidge last week and they should arrive today, so it should be fun to have this back. I had issues with my previous Input Display setup so this is why I stopped using it. Also pidge's are way more better than what I used to have (I had wires exposed and everything lol). Each one of them might or might not be used for future projects >_>.


- RPG Limit Break in May. D:
- Wanted to upgrade my PC video card but cryptofarmers are making it impossible (prices doubled)

- Need to build a new server for home (hardware too old and storage doesn't fit my needs anymore). Not sure if I would go for a complete server with everything that includes Windows Server 2016 or I buy what I want and stick with my 2012 R2 license. (Congrats to the 0.1% who understands what this means)

Thanks for Reading.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Resume

Nothing is in Chronological order

- Joined the FF4 Paladin Tournament (Eliminated by TheClaude)

- Joined the FF6 Kefka at Narshe Tournament (Eliminated during Swiss rounds)

- Created the FF6 "Wiki" Website, to gather notes that were spread out everywhere and created new strat videos.

- Showed LCC the Map Warp video from Nico, FF6 changed forever. #FF62017

- Did the Final Fantasy Relay IV and played FF6 Glitchless with Takaze with a time of 5:45. Tinkered puwexil's route to be Marathon safe for the purpose of the relay.

- Zelda 3 NoEG in 33:52 (Learned how to Hover and Clip,

- Played Randomizer and joined the first tournament (Got eliminated on the first rounds). Raced Rando from time to time.

- Cut the Twig in DKC2 with a time of 43:57

- Learned Zelda 1, got a 36:28 in a week (I still don't know how I did that).

- Learned Zelda 2, got a 1:28:21 (Hard to learn for me)

- Learned Final Fantasy Mystic Quest with Muttski during the 12 Hour Challenge (lol)

- Radar Mission "Game B/Normal" Any% (lol)

- Big cleanup of my PB videos and overall layouts on YouTube and Twitch. Very happy with how everything is now.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Pastebin Monday 2017-12-11

- Achieved my goal for Zelda 2 which was Sub 90. I never intended to go serious about that game from the start, and for some reason it was really hard for me to learn it. Probably because I don't necessarely enjoy the game as much as I thought I would. Speedrun is fun and some of the tech is great (Like the Exp strats), but not as much as the game itself. Shoutout to BluntBunny for his practice pack, it really helped.

- I just started my casual playthrough of Link's Awakening DX (Aka Zelda 4). I did beat this game 3-4 times in the past so I already know the game, but I like having a refresh in my mind. I will probably keep streaming it like I did yesterday. After I finish my playthrough, I will start working on learning the speedrun of it. I won't go for a meme category, so going for Any% No WW/OOB (No S+Q). I might just straight up not do some strats I don't like, like that skip at the last boss where it basically kills the last boss music, but will see how it goes.

- FF6 tournament still on going. Fortunately for the other people, I often do dumb mistakes when playing that game. I just hope people don't have high expectations from me :P.

- Capcom Cup 2017 was amazing this weekend and had a blast watching it. I need to watch more fighting games tournaments, maybe there is something there for me.

- Getting new Internet tomorrow. I have trouble with my upload recently, but the reason I upgraded my plan was not because of that. Currently have 30Down/10Up and will go to 120Down/20Up starting tomorrow night. So will see how it goes. That was one the reason I did my Zelda 2 PB offline as well.

Thanks for Reading